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On the Exorcism of Wisdom

“Welcome to my torture chamber!”

He laughed maniacally.

I felt myself slip into cynicism.     

     He wants the money.

     He’s a sadist; he has to be.

     His bedside manner is tolerable at best.

“Ok, let’s do this.” Despair dripped from my words.

And he did.

Even through the anesthetic,










Standing on my chest for leverage,

He violently strained for every, last root.

“Was it as bad as you thought?” My granddad asked.

Worse. Far worse.

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On Men and Boys

Miser miserably manacled to march

Monday after misty Monday

Mired in madness

Mellowed out






Bellowing out

Basking in badinage

Bedtime after bonny bedtime

Bright youth bespeaking brilliance

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On Dali’s Vision of Christ

“The unity of the universe – the Christ!

The atom, the nucleus, the center!

A triangle sits at the center of all,

A triangle of such immense beauty

That it is too much for me to bear.

The color… oh.. the color!”

From then on, he was a prophet.

Probably not God’s prophet,

But a prophet nonetheless.


*Author’s Note: Salvador Dali saw a vision in 1950 that he interpreted as divine, and heralded himself as a catholic mystic sent by God to save modern painting from its profanity.

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On Mermaids

Sailors, crazed and teetering near the void of insanity,

Looked through half-gone eyes and saw a bloated manatee.

They cried, “This mermaid will deliver us from calamity!”

(Not aware their lustful thoughts delved into profanity).


The manatee fully accepted his new place in humanity;

He thought himself a fitting symbol for femininity.

And so, because of the sea cow’s unparalleled vanity,

The situation reeked of cross-species homosexuality.

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On being trained

Please understand the following:

I am not

A classically trained poet,

Nor am I

A neoclassically trained poet,

Nor am I

A crass, sickly trained poet,

Nor am I

A drastically trained poet.

I usually just

Write a few words and then

Hit “enter”

So it seems like I

Know what I’m doing.

((I, don’t))…